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Bad (Not so good) credit car dealerships ontario

  1. Do you have bad credit?

  2. Are you looking for  car dealerships in Ontario that will approve you?

  3. Approval Team approves more bad (not so good) credit than any other car dealerships in Ontario.


Why Ontarians Trust Approval Team?

We accept any credit. Bad Credit is ok. We are the only and best car dealership in Ontario accepting bad credit. Regardless of your bad credit or not so good credit, we are a car dealerships in ontario that will get you approved. We deliver vehicles to anywhere in Ontario. We have delivered vehicles to Muskoka, Northern Ontario, Ottawa, London, Sudbury, North Bay area, Sault Ste. Marie.   

Enjoy this new 2019 article written to explain why we are different and how we help bad credit become good credit.

Many of our buyers ask… What makes Approval Team different? What they are really asking is, what is the unique selling proposition? (Just not in those words)
  • To comfortable Ontario Car Buyers we wanted to make this post to educate and inform our valued customers and OVERALL GIVE VALUE.
  • Approval Team was started with the concept of revolutionizing the car buying experience. 99% of consumers LOVE buying a new car, but 99% hate the car buying experience, they dread going dealership to dealership trying to get the best price.
So to answer the question. Approval Team offers Ontario Car Buyers the opportunity to shop from home Imagine this:
  1. Apply on site (100% FREE to view deals)
  2. Get an email
  3. Get Approved from home
  4. Select a car
  What’s Unique? This process takes 24 hours and you are not buying anything. You are getting approved and then browsing for a car, truck, minivan or SUV from home. You save time and money.
  • Approval Team was started with the concept of providing convenience to the car buyer in Ontario.
  • So if you are looking for a used car dealership offering the lowest rates, the lowest payment and ready to show you vehicles at the lowest mileage.
  • 99% of car buyers do NOT enjoy the car buying experience. 99% of Approval Team Clients Enjoy it.
  • Consumers are seeking for a new way to buy. We don’t call it just the new way, we call it the GENIUS WAY. After Approval, you could have your car, truck, minivan or SUV delivered to your driveway.
  • Officially the best car buying experience in Ontario.
  • The most convenient saving you time.
  • More lenders than a regular car dealership which means we save you money

We made a video to help illustrate the true convenience we bring to Ontario Car Buyers.

Let’s go back to the traditional car buying experience.
  • You go used car dealership to used car dealership seeking the best price.
  • You listen to some garbage sales tactics by deceiving car salesman
  • You are disgruntled and upset.
  • You find issues with the vehicle you bought that were not disclosed
  • You don’t like the sales person but you like the car.
  • You are tired of talking to salespeople who are just interested in making a huge sale on you.
Our (Approval Team) Values are build relationships with each customer and try to make every customer work with Approval Team (The NEW Scratch That…. The Genius Way To Buy a Used Car in Ontario) Regardless of your credit, you will be treated with respect not just a money. We want your referrals to friends and family and have the best strategic partnership program in Canada which actually pays for your car payment by you just voicing your opinion!   Ready to buy a new or used car in Ontario? Approval Team will blow you away with convenience. Not only will you obviously love the vehicle you get, but you will finally love the experience, the convenience, and the time saved! Have a friend who needs a car? Please refer them. We deliver all across Ontario. 2019 is the year you finally by a vehicle and it’s delivered to your driveway for ZERO Dollars. NO MORE $1000 Freight Costs or shipping Costs. We offer 100% FREE Shipping/Delivery to ANYWHERE in Ontario. We are a used car dealership in Ontario (Mississauga) that is big enough with 600 vehicles to serve anyone, however small enough to care for any customer with any needs. Approval Team Reviews on GOOGLE. Over 200 customer reviews cant be wrong. Facebook Reviews and some fun content:   We sincerely hope you achieve your 2019 goals. When you have a goal to get a new car, truck or SUV, make sure to contact us for education on approval rates and to discover the secrets of getting the best deal possible regardless of credit. Other dealerships MAY shame people on credit history to be able to make more money. We look at your future and the long game of acquiring referrals of your friends and family. Thus why Approval Team has seperated itself. Approval Team is the category KING of saving time and money…. and the NEW way to buy a used car in Ontario. Experience Convenience by applying on our site and getting a deal that will save you $.

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