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Canadian Auto Trade-In Guide & Tips

Selling your car to an individual has advantages. Even if you get a reasonable price when selling your car, the business can go awry if you do not pay particular attention to other areas of the selling process.


What price to fix? How to proceed with the sale, and what are the administrative procedures to be carried out?

Here are some tips to prepare the trade of a vehicle.


The value of a used car depends on many criteria such as mileage, make and model year, engine, modifications, model popularity, performance, reliability, corrosion resistance, etc.

Getting Your Car Ready For Sale

To maximize the value of your vehicle, you have to put some effort into improving the exterior appearance. Wash and wax the exterior and clean the interior of the car. “If you bring us a well-cleaned car, you can get much more money,” this is what we tell everyone.

It is also advisable to carry out major repairs. A dealer cannot sell a car with a chipped windshield. You are going to lose $300 for that. Also, you will be deducted between $500 and $600 for worn tires. So change them if you can do it for a lower price.

Choosing The Best Price For Your Vehicle

The easiest way is to get a price estimate from We provide a reliable benchmark for the seller. The seller may also decide to increase this base price according to different criteria (low mileage, the condition of the body, etc.)


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Classified Ads

There are Several channels can be used to sell your car.

  • Internet ads (online sales sites): this first process has the advantage of being productive and it’s usually free. The advertisement must be as precise as possible (brand, model, year, modifications…). The best is to also offer a virtual tour of the car through a series of photos; it is recommended to photograph the entire car (front/rear, interior/exterior) so as not to create unpleasant surprises or arouse suspicion.
  • Classified ads in the press: local and regional newspapers, in particular, are not to be neglected. They can broadcast an ad in a specific area and target a portion of the population that does not use the Internet.
  • Professional: some garages agree to take private vehicles on consignment. Most often, this service is free, provided that the seller buys his next vehicle from the same garage.
  • The placards: a small poster “for sale” with the details of the seller placed at the back of the car is the most direct way to reach a potential buyer. This way, the potential buyer can inspect your vehicle from the exterior at least before contacting you.


Regarding payment, the seller must take the maximum precautions. In practice, payment by bank check is most often requested. It is also very rare that sellers accept payments in several deposits. Nonetheless, the seller can still offer an advance amount of a deposit to reserve the vehicle before sale.

If you are interested in getting a quote on what the trade-in value of your vehicle is and what sort of financing you are eligible for, you can apply here! It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, and you usually get a call back within a couple of hours.


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