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Used Car Loan Approval in Greater Sudbury Made Easy

Greater Sudbury, in this form, exists from 2001. That year, the cities and towns of the former Regional Municipality of Sudbury merged into, by population, the largest city in Northern Ontario and by land area, largest in Ontario.


Cities and towns Sudbury, Capreol, Nickel Centre, Onaping Falls, Rayside-Balfour, Valley East and Walden together with the several smaller towns and townships are united into “The City of Lakes” or “Nickel City”. How come these nicknames?


Sudbury has over 300 lakes within the city. The most famous one is Lake Wanapitei which is known as the largest lake in the world completely contained within the limits of a single city.


Before the city’s economy was dominated by the mining industry, this area was known as a lumber camp. Smelting activities lead to air pollution and the large loss of native vegetation in the area.


After improved mining practices and regreening programs, a large part of city land is successfully rehabilitated.


This is a bilingual city. More than 16% of the population speak French. The Franco-Ontarian population, which roots are here, has a strong cultural and artistic influence on francophone minority communities.


One of the city’s most famous landmarks, the world’s largest coin, is The Big Nickel – the nine-meter replica of Canadian nickel.


While mining has decreased in relative importance, Sudbury’s economy has diversified to establish itself as a major center of finance, business, tourism, health care, education, government, and science and technology research.


We’ll Approve You For The Vehicle You Want!

How residents of Sudbury can save money when they buy a new vehicle

After buying an apartment or a house, a car purchase is the biggest expenditure any of us will make, and that is why finding a way to save as much money as we can is a really good idea to keep in the back of our minds.


One way we can do that is to simply buy a used vehicle. We know that might not be your first choice, but hear us out why you should consider it.


Used cars are just flat out cheaper. A lot of new cars original value comes from just being new, but if we find a good quality of the used car, we get to cut cost by a lot and still get the vehicle we can use for a long time to come.


As we mentioned, new cars are the most valuable when we buy them, but the moment we drive them out of the dealership their value drop as much as 10%! It further drops another 15-25% just in the first couple of years, and if you ever decide to resale that car, that is a pure money loss!

The right steps to take when buying a used car

  • Decide how much you can afford to spend on a car and stick to it.
  • Pick what kind of vehicle best fulfills your needs.
  • Research ads looking for a car you like.
  • Secure funding, whether its a bank loan or even better a car loan straight from the seller.
  • Inspect the vehicle, ask for a history and safety report and take the car out for a test drive.
  • Try negotiating with a seller.
  • Have fun enjoying your new car!


If you are from Greater Sudbury and you are looking to buy a vehicle, you are in the right place. The Approval Team is here, ready to help you find your perfect dream car.


Apply in just a minute with no obligation, and in just a 48 hours drive into the sunset with your new car.


Get one step closer to getting approved for the vehicle you always wanted

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