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One of the first dilemmas when it comes to buying a car from a dealership is whether to choose a new one or to opt for a used one.

We at Approval Team offer BOTH and can help you decide what is best for you.

Consider the following if you are in the market for your next vehicle:

– A penny saved is a penny earned. There has been a shortage of new vehicles recently, which makes them more expensive than ever. By not choosing to go with a new ride, you will save 20-30% and easily stay inside your budget!  Car purchase is a long-lasting process so you need to consider your future. Think of your car’s resale value – not only are the pre-owned cars easier to buy, they are also easier to sell.

used cars

– New car market is scarcer than ever: they can’t offer diversity when it comes to models and prices. Make sure to find a car dealership that can meet your needs. Approval Team offers HUGE range of vehicles – 600+ sedans, trucks, minivans & SUVs. This is not only a big plus when buying a car, but also an advantage when it comes to maintenance, servicing and regular payments.


– Not only are the used cars easier to find nowadays, they are also easier to purchase. Our loans work so fast that you can drive away with your new car. You might be too far from our offices, but we got you covered! With our 100% FREE delivery straight to your home anywhere in Ontario, car purchasing is not an issue anymore! Contact our dealership, check your financial options online and save time on your approval. Do your research without even leaving your home.


– Find a trusted dealer for your purchase. To give you a peace of mind, Approval Team offers warrantied and certified pre-owned cars which means that your next ride is completely reliable and safe.


Apply today and let us help you with the process of buying your new used vehicle!

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