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Your car’s condition is the result of the time and care you invest in it. Here are some maintenance tips that could help make your car-owning experience easier:

maintenance1) Read the manual

Every car comes with the owner’s manual, be sure to read it. The manual contains important information such as car service intervals, knowledge about troubleshoots, recommended tire pressure, and all of the features and functionalities. Study it closely so you can avoid any unexpected occurrences in your car-owning experience. If your car didn’t come with one, you can usually find it online or purchase it at your nearest dealer manufacturer.

2) Know your signals

Those annoying lights on your dashboard can be lifesavers. Make sure you know what each of them means in order to act quickly if any of them goes off. Green or blue lights aren’t problematic and simply mean that your car is operating, but an orange or yellow light indicates that the car needs service or repair. If the lights are red and/or flashing, take action immediately – something is wrong and needs to be fixed urgently.

3) Tires – a regular investmentmaintenance

They are necessary, but pricy. In order to save some money keep the following in mind:   a) Pressure Find out your car’s recommended tire pressure on a sticker inside the driver’s door. Make sure you check it regularly and inflate tires when needed so you don’t end up with a flat tire on the road.   b) Wheel alignment When the alignment as a part of a regular maintenance is done correctly, it can make your tires last longer.   c) Spare tire Even though you don’t actually use it, you should regularly check the condition of your spare tire so, once you do need it, you are sure it isn’t damaged.

4) Waxing

In order to keep your top paint layer untouched, make sure you wax your car on a regular basis. Wax protects your paint from rain, snow, salt, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and other contaminants.

5) Lights

You don’t see the outside of your car when you drive so you might miss if one of your lights isn’t working. Check them regularly so your visibility on the road is as good as it can be.

maintenance6) Car maintenance schedule

Depending on the mileage and your driving habits, you should set your service interval and get your car regularly checked. If you find a mechanic you trust, never let them go. Your relationship can improve your car owning experience.

7) Cleaning

You spend a certain amount of time in your car, make sure you enjoy every ride – clean it: vacuum, wipe and de-clutter. While cleaning their car, most people overlook its licence plate. There are two reasons to keep it clean – it should always be visible to all traffic participants, including the police, and it will last as long as the car. If you want your car not just to be spotless but also detailed, use Approval Team’s new service of auto detailing – cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition.

8) Be gentle

Even if you don’t immediately notice the consequences of a harsh treatment, your car will eventually show the result of your driving habits. Overloading the car, shifting from drive to reverse before stopping, hard breaking, revving the engine when cold are some of the examples or rough driving. Even the banal actions such as resting your hand on a gearstick can hurt your vehicle.

9) Rubber seals maintenance

Door seals need maintenance in order to function properly. The best way to protect them from damage is to regularly clean them with gentle cleaners. Then, apply a grease-based lubricant to keep them from drying out and cracking.

10) Listen

Different sounds mean different things. The hissing or chugging sound means something is wrong with the exhaust system, there is either a crack or something is blocking it. Squealing brakes can indicate worn out pads and ticking sound could mean that you are out of oil. If your car sounds differently than it usually does, it might be warning you about a potential problem.

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