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Your credit score affects your standard of living and consequently makes your life easier – if you know how to manage it correctly. Keeping your good score is something you need to dedicate your time to and turn it into a long-term habit. But first, you have to build your credit rating up to a satisfying level. The easiest way to do this is by being a responsible buyer.


What does this mean? First, don’t fall behind on your payments! Second, don’t even think about skipping them all together!


You are either: a) a newcomer in Canada and need to start building your credit or b) you already have one and you are not satisfied with its score. Either way, a big purchase is the best solution for you. The one you can do that can positively affect your credit score is a car loan.


Find a trusted dealership that can provide you with not just a product but also a service. Big inventory of cars is a great plus because it usually means a wide price range. Hence, there is a vehicle that fits everybody’s purchasing power. Furthermore, a good advice coming from a financial expert can provide you with a good start so your credit score can get a good boost. Approval Team covers both, without looking at your past. Therefore, you can start fresh or fix your previous mistakes when it comes to your financial status.


After you choose your car, decide on the amount of your regular payments. Also, make sure they are never past due. EVERY payment is reported to your credit bureau, and every TIMELY payment builds up your credit score. These boosts are not visible immediately, but in certain time cycles (e.g. every six months). A car loan could be your fresh start in building a positive credit score. Apply today!   credit score

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