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CAR DEALERSHIP – a place to get a used car

Recently, there has been a significant increase in used cars sale. If they are your choice too, you need to find the best option to buy it. There are two ways to purchase a pre-owned vehicle – from a car dealership or from a private seller. Here are some reasons to opt for the car dealership.

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The first, and probably the most obvious reason to choose a car from a car dealership is its inventory. Car dealerships offer a range of models and prices to choose from. Not only can you find a car that fits your wishes, but also the one whose price stays within your budget. Different types of cars, many models with various features, wide price range – all of this can affect your decision.


When getting a pre-owned vehicle from the private seller you must be aware of the fact that you are expected to pay full price at once. Car dealerships are more convenient for most people because they offer different financial options. A car loan, for example, can allow you to pay off your car during a longer period through regular monthly or biweekly payments.

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A good car dealership takes its business and customers seriously. For this reason, Approval Team offers certified pre-owned cars so their future drivers feel safe knowing their rides are reliable and secure. That is something you cannot get from a private seller – an expert to inspect and approve your car.


The simplicity a car dealership provides is one of its benefits. At Approval Team you can do everything the same day – from checking the inventory, applying for a loan and being approved, to getting a new used car and driving away in it. Did you know that we pioneered the practice of home delivery becoming the first dealership that delivers anywhere in Ontario? That is one more service you can use and have your new ride delivered to you to your doorstep. You can also do the entire process online, which makes it even faster and simpler.

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