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If you are getting a new car but feel uninspired when it comes to both type and model, check the quick guide through Ontario’s most wanted vehicles. Here is the list of ten best selling cars, see if any of them fits your style.



A pickup is as a vehicle with an open space in the back made for carrying cargo. If you are an outdoorsy type, enjoy riding off-road, need extra space for your things and like their robust and bulky style, pickups are the perfect vehicles for you. Approval Team offers a huge inventory of pre-owned pickup trucks, including Ontario’s best sellers: Ford F-150 & RAM 1500. Ford F-150 has been Canada’s most wanted vehicle for decades and for a reason. It is the most efficient pickup truck with incredible towing and howling capacity. Dodge Ram is a premium truck with incredible features. So, expect both an amazing strength and a smooth ride at the same time.


SUVs are large and powerful, made both for rough surfaces and city rides. They are not as big and rugged as a truck, but they are still dominant on the road. Moreover, SUVs are great if your lifestyle combines city streets and off-road adventures. Here are some of the best selling vehicles from our car dealership: Jeep Wrangler, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue. You might choose Jeep Wrangler for its durability and ability to handle difficult terrain and Ford Escape for its agile handling and a large cargo room, Honda CR-V if you need both roomy interior and a spacious cargo area, and Nissan Rogue for fantastic fuel economy estimates. best seller


Recently, there has been a significant increase in minivan sales in Canada. Minivans, despite their less popular appearance, have proved themselves as reliable and practical road companions. Dodge Grand Caravan is our undisputed best seller. It offers both an attractive design but also an above-average reliability.


These types of cars offer better affordability, driveability and fuel-economy; with sleeker design and a smoother ride. Approval Team’s inventory has Ontario’s best selling vehicles in this category. Toyota Corolla, famous for its affordable price and low service cost or a dependable and fuel-efficient Honda Civic. And finally, Nissan Sentra, a stylish and comfortable sedan with respectable gas mileage.   best seller   Decide on the type and model, check our customers’ feedback and apply today! Any of these best sellers could be yours within 48 hours. Thus, get pre-approval at Approval Team and have your new car delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Ontario!  

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