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Selling your car to an individual has many disadvantages. Even if you get a reasonable price when selling your car, the business can go awry if you do not pay particular attention to other areas of the selling process. What price to fix? How to proceed with the sale, what are the administrative procedures that you need to carry out? Choose the simplest way to get rid of your old car, trade in your car and get the best deal with Approval Team – the fastest growing car dealership in Ontario!

Here are some tips to prepare the trade in of your vehicle.


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The value of a used car depends on many criteria such as mileage, make and model year, engine, modifications, model popularity, performance, reliability or corrosion resistance, just to name a few. To maximize the value of your vehicle, you have to put some effort into improving your car’s appearance. Wash and wax the exterior and clean the interior of the car. Use Approval Team’s detailing option and make sure your car looks and smells like new. Moreover, we highly recommend you to carry out both major and minor repairs. If there are some dents or scratches make sure you fix them before you start your trade-in progress. Chipped windshield or worn tires can lower the value of your car. Thus, invest some money before getting a lot more.  


So, if you want to buy a new car, AND get rid of your old one, choose Approval Team’s trade-in program. Pick your new ride and the best financing options that fit your budget. In addition, get rid of the old one fast, simple, and hassle free! Apply for a car loan today, and get approved within 24 hours. We’ll take your old car, provide you with the best payment options and get you the car of your dreams the very next day.

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