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Being an active participant in traffic means that you are responsible not only for your safety, but also for every other driver, passenger and pedestrian. Here are some tips to follow to make your driving experience the best it can be.


In order to stay focused on the road, you need to remove all distractions. Easier said than done, right? We all love doing other things while driving, either to save time by doing two things at once, or to have fun. Well, if we told you that this is in top three causes of car crashes in Canada, would you reconsider doing it in the future? Nowadays, we are used to being available at any time, which makes our phone a part of our everyday routine. This includes driving. Texting is definitely number one distraction for drivers, as well as talking on the phone and checking social media. Other infamous distractions include putting on make-up, eating and adjusting seats or mirrors. Remember, multitasking is praiseworthy but not when it’s dangerous and affects your safety.



Before (longer) trips, make sure to check the weather report as well as the road conditions. Possible traffic jams or roadwork and rush hour routes can affect your driving. Try to avoid as many as you can, and adjust your speed to the ones you can’t. Other people’s safety is also your responsibility. Keep that in mind every time you sit behind the wheel.


This piece of advice is really getting old, yet, impaired driving causes so many car crashes that we have to include it in this list. Drugs and alcohol could make you feel confident to drive, your destination might be close, you could be an experience driver… It doesn’t mean much when you need to control a motor vehicle with impaired vision and slowed down reflexes. Don’t take your safety for granted. Did you know? Ontario has the lowest rates of impaired driving. Let’s keep it that way!


Speeding and aggressive driving are number one cause of car crashes in Canada. Slow down, obey the traffic rules, be careful when overtaking, and leave enough room between your car and the vehicle in front of it in case you have to stop in emergency. Your safety depends on both you and other drivers; do your part to make sure driving becomes less dangerous.


What makes even the best driver a road risk is if they’re too tired to drive. Make sure to get some rest before sitting behind the wheel. If you start to feel fatigued while driving, take the first opportunity to stop your car. Take a nap, grab some fresh air, have a cup of coffee or ask somebody else to take over. Give yourself a chance to reach your destination safely. Finally, choose a safe and reliable car to be your travelling companion. Check our customers’ reviews. Do your research and let us do the rest! Apply today! Our team is waiting for you.

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