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Things You Should Have in Your Car

The type of things you have in your car depends on your needs and the time you spend in your vehicle. Nonetheless, there are some essentials everybody should have in their cars.

First Aid Kit

Hopefully, you won’t use it very often, but in case you do need it, there is nothing to replace it. Most of first aid kits contain items like scissors, gloves, gauze, tape, bandages, tweezers, cold compress, aspirin, hydrocortisone and thermometer. The kits are small enough to fit into any car and they are easily attainable, with prices that don’t go over $10. A good investment, if you ask us.



In case you get pulled over by the police or get involved in an accident, there are some documents that you must have with you. So, better carry it in your car at all times. Your driver’s licence, proof of registration and vehicle insurance are essential. Also, it would be good for you to have your vehicle manual with you, and a pen and some paper are not redundant. They don’t take a lot of space but are precious when you need them. If your car didn’t come with a manual, you can usually find it online or purchase it at your nearest dealer manufacturer.

Winter Wonderland Starter Pack

Canada is famous for its winters. Or should we say notorious? Well, either way, you should prepare yourself. Every year winter does actually come and causes a lot of trouble for unprepared drivers. Don’t be one of them! Stack your car with essentials such as a snow brush, an ice scraper and a set of gloves. It is also a smart decision to have a blanket, plastic water bottles and some warm clothes, just in case you get stuck on the road during the colder days.

Emergency fixes

Every now and again, you will find yourself in a situation where you need to have something fixed. The person who is going to fix it – is you. So, think of your future self and be helpful. Make sure you have the following in your car – spare tire (and tools to change it), jumper cables, duct tape, WD-40, a flashlight, a tire-pressure gauge, a wrench and a fire extinguisher. You can never know what to expect on the road. But, you can try to prepare yourself and your car for different situations you might encounter. The car you drive is a big part of your safety, so choose wisely. Contact us at Approval Team and make your next vehicle a reliable one. Stay safe and enjoy your ride.

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