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In order to buy a vehicle in Ontario, you have to have a valid driver’s licence, among other things. Since provincial governments regulate the process of getting one, there is no such thing as a driver’s licence that covers all of Canada. The rules of getting a driver’s licence differ between provinces; here is a quick guide to obtaining one in Ontario.

diver's licence ontario


Driving is a big responsibility and Ontario takes it seriously. The first step of becoming a licenced driver in Ontario is to enter Ontario’s graduated licensing system. This way, you can gradually prepare for driving, before even sitting behind the wheel. There are some conditions do meet: you need to be at least 16 years old, learn the traffic signs and rules (and pass the test of your knowledge) and pass a vision test.  


In order to hit the road you have to pass the tests mentioned above. After that, you get Class G1 licence, which allows you to drive, but ONLY under the supervision of a fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience. The next Class to enter is G2, which allows you to drive unsupervised, but with certain limitation such as night driving or the number of passengers in your car. Before getting a full G licence with no restrictions, a learner driver has to pass two road tests.  


One of the most important factors of road safety is for drivers to be healthy – physically and mentally. Other than having good vision, the future drivers should take into consideration things like their range of motion, flexibility, balance and coordination. In addition, whether they are a new or an experienced driver, they all need to get enough sleep and feel rested before driving in order to stay focused on the road. If you notice any changes in your health state, consult with a physician and check if you are still able to drive safely. Take good care or yourself and keep our roadways safe.  


The final step of the process is to apply for your driver’s licence. You will need to provide identification that includes your full legal name, signature and date of birth. This may be a passport, Canadian citizenship card, or permanent or temporary immigration documents. There’s a certain fee to pay in order to cover the cost of conducting the tests you take. Find the address of the nearest travel point and bring your documents with you. Congratulations, you are done! Now, all you need is a vehicle to keep your driving skills on point. Approval Team’s wide inventory of inspected and certified vehicles is waiting for you. Visit us,  and drive away in your new ride! Apply today!   driver's licence

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