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Once you have prepared your car and yourself for driving in winter conditions it is time to hit the road. Don’t hit it too hard and try to stay safe by following these tips.

driving in winter


Be sure to brake and accelerate very gently when driving in winter conditions. Occurrences such as black ice and snow on the road make it harder to speed up and brake the way you usually do. In general, it is better to slow down while driving in winter conditions. If you have to accelerate or slow down, do it as gently as possible. Even if you are careful, there is still a chance for unexpected situations to happen when you hit black ice. In case you start skidding, limit your reactions and let your car pass over the ice. Remove your foot from the accelerator and let the vehicle slow down on its own. Don’t hit the brakes, and don’t try to steer your car too much. Keep your steering wheel straight and your head calm. Tempomat/cruise control is also a bad idea when driving in winter conditions, especially in case your car starts sliding on ice. Its attempts to maintain constant speed will result in excessive acceleration and wheel spinning, which can be extremely dangerous.

driving in winter


You are not alone on the road, and you should adjust your actions accordingly. Make sure there’s enough distance between you and the car in front of you when driving in winter. Try to double it to create more space between you in case of sudden stopping or sliding. Stay in your lane and pass as little as possible. If you choose to pass other cars, use smooth movements with firm grip on the steering wheel and light touch on the pedals to avoid sliding. Adjust your headlights to both improve your visibility and to make sure you are visible to other drivers but don’t compromise their driving.


The best advice you can receive is to buckle up and keep calm, even when things don’t go as planned. One thing you CAN plan is where to get your next car to make sure every drive is a safe one. Pick your next road companion at Approval Team! Apply today and drive safely – every time.

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