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With regular use comes regular maintenance. There are some small car repairs that you should learn how to do yourself.

There is a point in your driving experience when you are going to need those skills.

car repairs


This is an easy one! The hardest part is to actually pay attention to the fluid level and know when you need to top them. In order to keep your car running smoothly, regularly check your car’s oil, power-steering and transmission fluid, and your coolant level. Also, to avoid any inconvenience while driving, pay attention to your windscreen washer fluid. This habit makes you avoid damage and possible car repairs.


To make sure your visibility is the best it could be make sure your wiper blades are as good as new. The rubber can break and get worn out, so eventually, you’ll need to replace it. In Ontario’s harsh weather, it is recommended to change your wiper blades once or twice a year. Make sure you get the correct length and read your car manual to see how to change them. P.S. Don’t forget the rear wiper!

car repairs


With time and use, most cars lose their like-new appearance and earn some scratches and dents that require repairs. You can easily fix some of them with a little patience and skill. You can try fixing a smaller dent by pouring hot water on it. It can cause metal to pop back into shape. Another quick fix is using a plunger or a suction cup to repair the dent by creating a seal over it and pulling it back into the original shape. If it is accessible, you can also try to push the dent. You can try fixing scratches with toothpaste, or, if that doesn’t work, a scratch removal kit. In both cases, it is important to clean the area before applying the substance with damp cloth using circular motion. Later, remove the excess of paste and dry the area.


Cleaning your car is a piece of cake until it comes to some stubborn stains on the seats or the carpets. If you decide to wash them yourself, make sure your stain removal products and the process of getting them out aren’t too aggressive so you don’t make more damage. Also, think twice before using any bleaching agents. They may have an unwanted effect on the car interior, especially the darker one.

car repairs


Foggy headlights are both an aesthetic and a safety problem. The condensation can make your headlights cloudy and limit their range. Again, you can solve this problem by cleaning the headlights and then applying toothpaste or baking soda on the surface to remove the fog. If you have any doubts about this process, make sure to contact professionals and get them to do the work. Make your car look, smell and feel as good as new with Approval Team’s Detailing Service.  

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