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The changes in the economy affect our standard of living in every way. We keep on searching for ways to cut our expenses. One of the things we can change is how we use our car in order to save gas and achieve the best fuel-efficiency. Try these tips to save money and to keep your car in the best possible condition. Not only will you save gas, but also affect carbon dioxide emission and improve road safety.


Your speed affects your car’s fuel consumption, so try to keep the speed limit. To save gas and achieve maximum fuel-efficiency you should keep your speed between 60 and 80 km/h, if possible. Of course, you should always adapt to road and weather conditions, but keep in mind that by driving more slowly your car saves gas.

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To save gas, you should accelerate and brake as gently as possible and keep your speed in a certain range. Cruise control is a good solution to keep constant speed and allow your vehicle to do the work in order to save gas. Traffic can be your friend if you pay attention to it and anticipate your next moves. Being alert not only improves road safety but also keeps you from making sudden changes in speed and, in that way, helps you save gas. Also, try to avoid idling if possible – turn off your engine when your car is not moving for a longer period. These small changes in your driving habits can improve your car’s fuel-efficiency levels. save gas One of the best ways to save gas is to do your shopping online. You can even buy a new, fuel-efficient vehicle without leaving your home. Start and finish your purchase at Approval Team and get your car delivered to you anywhere in Ontario. Contact us today and enjoy every ride!