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There are many safety features that car manufacturers are incorporating into their vehicles. These should improve safety for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Here are a few interesting ones you should consider when buying a new ride:



Airbags have been a standard safety feature in cars for many years, but new designs and technologies are making them more effective than ever. Newer airbags have a safety belt sensor. Why? Well, they use an algorithm to decide whether to deploy the bag in a given crash, depending on whether people are using safety belts. Typically, a front airbag will deploy for unbelted passengers when the crash is the equivalent of an impact into a rigid wall at 15-20 kmh.

Forward Collision Warning

A forward collision warning system monitors a vehicle’s speed, the speed of the vehicle in front of it, and the distance between the vehicles. This feature uses sensors to detect when the vehicle is approaching an obstacle too quickly. Also, it warns the driver to take action. Sensors like radars, lasers and/or cameras scan the road ahead while you drive. They warn you of an impending collision by detecting stopped or slowly moved vehicles ahead of your vehicle. Similar to Forward Collision Warning, Pedestrian Detection uses sensors and cameras to detect pedestrians in the vehicle’s path. Moreover, it can apply the brakes automatically if a collision is imminent.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

This feature alerts the driver when tire pressure is low, which can help prevent blowouts and improve fuel efficiency. It keeps away unpleasant surprises and makes you ready for the road at any time. Even though it is extremely helpful, you shouldn’t use this feature as a substitute for a regular tire pressure check-up. Maintain your tire pressure at a recommended level and keep that dashboard light off.

Adaptive Headlights

These headlights can physically adjust to help shine the light in a variety of directions. They automatically adjust their brightness and direction based on the vehicle’s speed and steering. This way, they provide better visibility on curves and in low-light conditions. safety Drive safely – choose your next ride at Approval Team! Apply for a loan today and choose your next ride!  

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