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Lately, the most popular car body styles to consider as your next family car are minivans and SUVs. With extra cargo space and room for passengers, they are a logical choice, but choosing between the two can be tricky. Get to know their features better to make your decision easier.



The one feature that connects minivans and SUVs is the amount of space they provide. Minivans often have roomy interiors with multiple rows of seating and plenty of storage compartments, making them a popular choice for families and large groups. Moreover, they are often designed with sliding doors, flexible seating, and abundant cargo space. These cars are ideal for transporting multiple passengers and their belongings. Minivan drivers are practical, family-oriented, and safety-conscious. When it comes to SUVs, they also have a lot of space for passengers, with ample cargo space. They are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need to transport gear and equipment. They are popular among people who prioritize space, versatility, and capability. People who are family-oriented, active, and adventurous tend to choose SUV models. Many SUVs offer all-wheel or four-wheel drive. This feature makes them popular choices for drivers who live in areas with harsh weather or rough terrain.


When it comes to choosing between a minivan and an SUV, it often comes down to personal preferences and needs. Here are some factors to consider: Needs: If you have a large family or need to regularly transport multiple passengers, a minivan may be the better choice due to its spacious and flexible interior. On the other hand, you need to tow or haul heavy items, an SUV may be the better choice. Driving experience: If you prefer a more commanding driving experience with better visibility, an SUV is a car for you. If you prioritize ease of entry and exit for passengers, choose a minivan. Budget: Minivans are generally more affordable than SUVs. So if budget is a concern, a minivan may be the better choice. Style: SUVs generally have a more stylish and sleek design than minivans, so if you prioritize style, an SUV may be the better choice.



Finally, choose a car dealership that meets your needs. With huge inventory of cars (including minivans and SUVs) and excellent deals, Approval Team is the place to get a new car! Check our inventory and apply for a loan today!

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