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FORD F-150 vs. RAM 1500

You have decided to get a full-size truck, and Ford F-150 and RAM 1500 are the two dominant players in the market. Here’s what you need to know about the two in order to make your decision.



The Ford F-150 and RAM 1500 share the main features of a true pickup truck – a vehicle with an open space in the back, made for carrying cargo. However, when it comes to design, there are some differences between the two, that may help you decide. The F-150 has a more aggressive and highlighted lines and one could describe it as muscular and rough looking. RAM, on the other hand, is more sophisticated, with a sleek and aerodynamic profile and softer lines. When it comes to their interior, both of these offer outstanding user experience. Ford F-150 is functional, user-friendly, with high-quality materials, and impeccable design. You can, for example, upgrade its seats to leather and opt for heated steering wheel. RAM 1500 offers advanced technology options, sleek and durable interior and more luxurious design with prominent details such as real wood accents.


When it comes to their base engine, both of these trucks are extremely powerful, but RAM 1500 does overpower the Ford model. That’s RAM’s 3.6 liter V6 with 305 horsepower against Ford’s 3.3 liter V6 with 290 horsepower. However, if you need more power, they’ve got you covered with their optional versions. Ford F-150 has several more high-power engine options, and hybrid variants for enhanced fuel efficiency. RAM, on the other hand, offers powerful V8 and diesel engine options that optimize performance and efficiency. Consider your specific performance requirements to determine which truck aligns better with your needs.


When it comes to towing and payload capacity, both of these pickup trucks reach impressive numbers. RAM can tow up to 12,750 pounds, while F-150 has a slightly higher maximum capacity, reaching up to 14,000 pounds. On the other hand, RAM’s maximum payload is slightly more than 2,300 pounds of maximum payload, while Ford’s is around 3,310 pounds. ram   These bestselling pickup trucks come from iconic brands with rich history and impeccable reputation. They are both made to last, with excellent performance and towing capacity. So, the final decision between the Ford F-1500 and RAM 1500 is going to be based on personal preferences. Check out Ford’s rugged exterior and wide range of powertrain options, and RAM’s refined interior and technology features at Approval Team! Apply for a loan today and drive your dream pickup truck tomorrow!  

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