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If you have decided to get a compact sedan, there are two long-time bestsellers to consider for your next purchase. Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are fuel-efficient, reliable and practical. Learn more about them and make your decision easier.



Honda’s bold lines and sleek profile seem more appealing to those who prefer sporty, dynamic look. Toyota’s appearance, on the other hand, has a classic tone, with refined design and clean lines. Both have undergone design transformations in the recent years, which helped them stay up to date with customers’ tendencies. When it comes to their interior, both of these offer well-designed cockpit with high-quality materials. Honda’s easily accessible controls, body-stabilizing driver’s seat and spacious cabin space offer an excellent driving experience. Heated front seats, one-touch power moon roof, dual-zone climate control, trunk tray with dividers and rear passenger window shades are some of the features that make every ride as good as it gets. Toyota boasts with the simplicity and comfort it provides to both their drivers and passengers. With sport seats and intuitive controls, traffic-sign recognition system, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, most drivers will enjoy their driving experience. Its cargo space, however, is smaller when compared to Civic’s.


With 2.0 l engine displacement, inline-4 engine configuration and front-wheel drive, these bestselling sedans offer similar performance. However, Toyota has a slightly more powerful engine with 169 horsepower, compared to Honda’s 158. Both offer 3-mode drive system to choose from, providing you with an option to regulate fuel consumption and driving style. Corolla offers a slightly bigger fuel tank, and a somewhat better fuel efficiency statistics.   While the Civic offers a more engaging driving experience, sportier styling, and advanced technology features, the Corolla focuses on comfort, fuel efficiency, and a reputation for reliability. It’s up to you to decide which features fit your driving style more. Check out both models at Approval Team – apply for a loan today and drive in your next ride in no time!

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