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Car sounds can vary widely, and they can indicate a range of issues or conditions with your vehicle. Here are some common car sounds and what they might mean.

car sounds


Squealing or screeching noise when braking may indicate that the brake pads are worn-out and need replacement. However, if you also hear grinding noise, it is possible that the brake rotors are damaged. You should fix the issue immediately.


If you hear your car’s engine knocking or pinging there are several things that possibly went wrong such as incorrect ignition timing or engine problems. However, it can also indicate low-quality fuel or carbon buildup. It is crucial to diagnose and address the cause to prevent engine damage. Clicking or ticking noise when the car’s engine is running shows that the engine oil level is low. Check it to avoid engine damage. Leaking coolant, vacuum hose issues, or a leaking air intake system can result in a hissing noise from the engine bay. Addressing this promptly can prevent overheating or engine damage.


Rattling noise from underneath the car might indicate a loose or damaged exhaust components or suspension parts. On the other hand, if you hear a thumping or banging noise while driving over bumps, you should check your shock absorbers and struts. If there are holes or leaks in the exhaust system, you might recognize them by a louder (than usual) exhaust noise. One of the common problems, a faulty wheel bearing, can result in a continuous hissing noise while driving.


Whining noise while driving shows issues with the power steering system, transmission or differential. This can be indicative of low fluid levels or component wear. If you hear a squealing noise when turning the steering wheel, it could be the issue of a low power steering fluid or worn-out belt. Car sounds Ignoring strange car sounds can lead to more significant and issues down the road. Regular maintenance and attentive listening to your vehicle can help catch problems early and keep your car running smoothly. To make sure you enjoy every ride, choose an inspected, safe and reliable pre-owned car. Check Approval Team’s huge inventory of warrantied and certified cars, apply for a loan and drive your dream car in no time!  

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